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6 reviews for Square D

  1. Sarah Hannan

    I just got 4 of them today and I love them. They work amazingly. They stay warm for a good 30 min and that was the first time using.

  2. William Doffin

    Products absolutely long time needed and unbelievable, wont be with out the, a must have!

  3. Lindsay

    Ive just tried these for the first time & they are absolutely amazing. For whatever reason, I found it hard to believe that the product would work as described. To my satisfaction, it worked perfectly in every aspect! Buying disposable hand warmers can get quite expensive if you spend lots of time outdoors when its cold & all of the waste just seemed unnecessary to me. As long as you remember to take the time to boil them after each use, so you’re prepared for the next time that you need them, they are the perfect alternative to those cheap disposable warmers. Plus, you’ll never run out since they truly can be used over and over, without limitations, as long as you care for them properly. I truly could not be more satisfied with the way they work. It’s convenient, instant and reusable. They also stay hot for a very reasonable amount of time. I wont ever have to purchase disposable warmers again!!

  4. Daun

    We bought this product a couple of years ago at the fair and it is still working great! I would definitely recommend it to others and have bought some of these as gifts!

    • ClickAdmin

      Thank you!
      Glad to hear you enjoy the products

  5. Sam

    Really good. I just tested it, it’s really nice and warm. Easy to use, good quality wrapping material.
    Would recommend.

    • ClickAdmin

      We appreciate the feedback and thrilled you enjoy the products.

  6. Kathy Waits

    I bought these and the neck and shoulder one at the fair several years ago but never used the small ones. I got them out today to see if they would help with my mom’s arthritis and after just a few minutes her pain was cut in half. I will be using them again.

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